Sunday, 6 August 2017

Here's One I Prepared Earlier...

This phrase [allegedly] became popular in 1958 when Leila Williams and Christopher Trace first began presenting Blue Peter on the BBC.
Everybody loved watching the presenters showing us how to create things, made from washing up liquid bottles, sticky-backed-plastic, wire coathangers, round cheese boxes, juice cartons....and many other easily obtainable household goods. 
Whether it was gifts [a useful pen pot for Dad] or decorations [the annual appearance of the Advent wreath] or TV related toys [the infamous Tracey Island model] or eco-friendly items [fat-cakes for the birds in winter]
How we enjoyed seeing John Noakes wrestle with sellotape, or Valerie Singleton explaining in her posh voice, back in the 60s, that putting white hole-reinforcement stickers, and circular labels on your old black wellies would render them Mary Quant Op-Art chic. [Oh yes she did - I got into trouble for 'borrowing' stationery from my Dad's desk!]
And this past week, as we have done crafts with the children everyday, I have remembered the phrase. I have set out all the bobble heads, and goggle eyes, and gluesticks, and yogurt pots at 8 in the morning, ready for the craft time 3 hours later. And Miriam has prepared a finished model to show the children, so they know what they are aiming at [99% of them have achieved something resembling the right thing!]
But what has really stuck in my head this entire week has been Bob's brilliant sermon last Sunday night. [nb, this is not to imply that his other sermons are not brilliant...]
He was preaching on Romans - but he quoted Paul's words from Ephesians 2:10

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.
Yes, we are God's workmanship - but he wants us to do good works too. And the Bible says he has already prepared those tasks for us. That is so encouraging. The children arrive at Kids Club, knowing that they have a job to do and something to make, and that the material will already be out on the tables for them, that there will be others to work alongside them and help them to create something good. Similarly we can rely on God to have planned the tasks ahead in advance, and he will ensure we have all the resources we need. With his gifts, and the support of his people, we can go out there and do good work.
Bob ended last week's sermon with a very old story - about the man who arrived one Sunday just as the Pastor pronounced the Benediction, and people were getting ready to leave the chapel. The latecomer turned to a Deacon and said "Has the service finished?" and the wise man replied "The worship has finished, the service is just beginning"


  1. Thank you for sharing Bob's sermon with us. I think that is a message that should be shouted from the roof tops for all to hear!

  2. I think this sounds a wonderful sermon. I feel a good sermon is one that really does give you one clear message to go and act upon during the time afterwards!


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