Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Do Not Go, Gently, Into That Good Night...

We really enjoyed the finale of the George Gently detective series, with the wonderful Martin Shaw. The plots were good, and the choice of costumes and the cars were very carefully chosen, accurate to the period. 
I understand why it was time for GG to go... 
But I think there's plenty of room for more from John Bacchus [played by Lee Ingleby] and Rachel Coles [Lisa McGrillis]
After all, Taggart ran from 1983 to 2010, and the eponymous detective died in 1994. They kept his name for another 16 years. And Morse had his Lewis spin-off. Barnaby's cousin was wheeled in to keep Midsomer going. 
"Bacchus and Cole" would make a great series [if only their names didn't sound like a firm of upmarket producers of emulsion paint]
Did others enjoy GG as much as I did? 
[I must thank Bob for suggesting the title of this post] 


  1. I was expecting one of your encyclopaedic posts on Dylan Thomas!

  2. I'm across the pond here in the USA, Cleveland Hts. Ohio to be exact and I have to wait for all the good mysteries to come to dvd and then to our local library. You're so lucky you get to watch the series on telly. I love to watch them all!! I think Bacchus could continue on. Our last series for GG was series 7.

  3. I've never seen it but I've always wanted to! I like spin offs.

  4. I was so disappointed by the ending!I thought 'surely not'!I agree with your points on keeping it going but I always thought that Taggart was never the same after his demise.

  5. We've enjoyed episodes of this show over the years, and clearly need to finish it. I really enjoy the lead actor. He's excellent.


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