Saturday, 4 November 2017

Many Happy Returns

Since the 18th century, this has been used as a salutation to offer the hope that a happy day being marked would recur many more times.An alternative explanation is that "returns" here is used in the sense of "yield" or "profit" that it is still found in "investment returns." Therefore, "many happy returns of the day" would be a wishing a person a rewarding day, full of happiness. This use has been traced back to 1716.
This weekend I am at Cornerstones- I had a WWDP Day in Norwich yesterday, I am preaching at Foulsham Chapel tomorrow. So I cannot be in Ferndown today.
As far as I am concerned, my Happy Return will be later tomorrow, when I drive back to Dorset. I am really sorry not to be with Bob today, because it is his birthday. 
Much Love, and Many Happy Returns, Sweetheart!


  1. Wishing Bob a very happy birthday, and what a lovely photo.

  2. Happy (belated) birthday to Bob! We used to use the same phrase growing up, but I don't hear it being used over here. It's almost always happy birthday or happy anniversary, never many happy returns.


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