Sunday, 19 November 2017

The Bottom Line

A short video, worth watching to introduce the Toilet Twinning Charity, because today is World Toilet Day.

And here is a link to a BBC story about a creative way of solving the problem of sanitation in India, organised by SHRI [Sanitation and Health Rights India]
Finally, another charity concerned about people's basic needs, and the needs of the environment.
I know that it's Sunday, and usually on a Sunday I post about something connected with my faith - an old hymn, or a Bible passage, or a story about someone who has done a good deed which has challenged me. 
I make no apologies for posting about this topic today. 
If we got up this morning, and used a clean, flushing loo, and were able to wash our hands afterwards in a pleasant bathroom - with privacy and decent loo paper, then it is a good thing for us to be reminded of the millions throughout the world who are denied this basic human right. James 1:27 says
This is what God the Father wants. It is clean and right. Go and help those who have no father and mother. Go and help widow women whose husbands are dead. These people have troubles. And keep yourself clean from the wrong things in the world.
So go and spend a penny or two, in support of the organisations that make decent sanitation possible for the people who have troubles.


  1. I twinned our toilet last Advent. We have the picture of our 'twin' above our toilet as a daily reminder of how fortunate we are!

  2. I really would like to twin our toilet at our new house if and when we get there!

  3. I did have a good look to see if any of those rolls had Christmas packaging. That would be a great present!


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