Monday 27 November 2017


A while back, I treated myself to a box of sewing machine accessories from the Internet
This box of 32 generic feet cost the same price as one pukka Janome foot. But sadly, I haven't really had time to try them all out.
Then I spotted this book in the library - and thought it might spur me on to having a go.
Divided into six sections - it's ideal for novice and advanced machinist.
Chapter 1 Essential Kit
Chapter 2 Basic Feet
Chapter 3 Speciality Fabric and Techniques
Chapter 4 Pretty Edges
Chapter 5 Fancy Stitching
Chapter 6 Buyer’s Guide
There are clear diagrams showing how to use the different feet [including the different style of foot designed for the same task]
As well as the basic how-to, there are useful ideas for alternative stitching you could do with some of the feet.
The 'rolled hem' foot can also be used to apply a line of couched embroidery thread.
For the first time ever, I have got the hang of piping [that is the machinists's piping, not cake decorator's, musician's or plumber's piping!]
The 'blind hemming' stitch suddenly makes sense.
I have made some notes to remind myself of useful tips.
For instance, when you are couching cord round a corner, turning when the needle is in the leftmost position will give you a 'softly rounded' effect - in the rightmost, you'll get a 'crisp angle'...who knew?
A thirty minute session just experimenting produced some satisfying results.
Important note - not all the feet work with my machine- some are slightly out of kilter, and the needle hits the foot, and doesn't go through [so I've broken a few en route] But if just 2 of the feet are successful, I am still quids in. I am pleased with my results, but know I need more practice.

I'd certainly recommend this book if you are interested in developing with more complex stitching skills. The machine was out because a friend asked me to turn a piece of stitchery into a cushion cover.

His late wife made this, many years ago, but never finished it off. It was just a piece of fabric with stitching on it.

A niece [who is very fond of cats] is getting married shortly, and he wanted to give her something which would remind her of her much loved auntie. 
What a lovely thought!

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