Tuesday, 21 November 2017


For reasons which will be explained later, I realised on Saturday afternoon that I needed some Playdough. I didn't want to go and buy some - firstly because I'm mean and didn't want to spend money, secondly I figured the shops would be quite busy.
So I made some. This recipe is really easy, relatively inexpensive, and uses stuff you've probably got in the cupboard already. I needed to make an assortment of colours to make model food. I decided green, red, orange and yellow would be good. I'd got green and red colouring left over from Christmas, but no yellow. I improvised with some turmeric, and I am very pleased with the results. I diluted the turmeric in a little water, and stirred it into the mix. 
There was a time when I seemed to be making Playdough every other week, it's reassuring to know I haven't lost the knack! 


  1. So reassuring that the University of Kent School of Engineering has time to play with playdough!

  2. Very creative of you to think of turmeric to color your playdough!

  3. Genius idea to use Turmeric!!!


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