Thursday 23 November 2017

My First Christmas Card Of 2017

This is the week of our WWDP Residential Meeting, when we plan for the day of prayer in 16 month's time. As usual we all take one Christmas card, and then exchange them. I have made a double sided cross stitch Christmas tree ornament, and suspended it inside a card. The hanging loop goes over a button. The design on one side is our WWDP logo - four women kneeling in prayer, facing north, south, east and west. On the other side, I modified the female figure to represent Mary kneeling before the manger.
I no longer make [or send] many cards each year, so I always put more thought and time into this one. Do you make your own cards? And how many do you send? Has email and Facebook and the cost of stamps altered your habits? 
This year the Royal Mail have brought out a mixed set of sacred and secular stamps. I've bought a few 2nd Class Madonna [that sounds a bit daft] 


  1. That's lovely Ang!! That is a super design! Oh, I didn't know that is what the symbol is!! Your modification is so clever!!

  2. Oh, I think I know some Presbyterians here who wouldn't see anything amiss in that comment! We stopped sending cards after Jo was born- too many cards, too many babies, and not too much time. For years we've been doing our open house mince pies and mulled stuff afternoon, and telling people that it's a card replacement thing. We like it!

  3. Your card is beautiful. Each year, I tell myself I will make cards and then, I usually end up sending bought cards because I didn't have time to make my own. I don't send quite as many cards as I used to. Must make the effort to do so, this year.

  4. I hardly send any cards now. I wonder sometimes if I should try and start a one woman revival round my friends but I don't think I have what it takes to keep it going.


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