Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Ice, Ice, Baby!

I cannot believe that it's nine years since I went with Liz to the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland . I was interested to read a few days ago about this years WW, and the Ice Sculptures there. It is an amazing craft - these people produce stunning works of art, in subzero temperatures, which will last for a few weeks- and then it all melts away ....
Watch this brief video about the London Display
And another, by the same company, which is currently on display up in Edinburgh.
I have the greatest admiration for these craftspeople [their company, Hamilton, is based in Wimbledon - check out their website for examples of their other work] 
It seems sad that their work can only be enjoyed for a short time, when you consider the hours put into the creation. I suppose it's the same for people who ice wedding cakes, or arrange flower festivals.
Image result for ikea ice cube fishImage result for ikea ice cube fish
The nearest I get to ice sculpture is my IKEA fish ice tray!!


  1. It looks so strange to see a person emerging from a block of ice. Amazing craft.

  2. Dare I confess? I use the IKEA doodah for chocolate fishes-oops! Catriona

  3. And in what blue sea do they swim, pray tell?

  4. I love ice sculptures- so clever!!


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