Wednesday 15 November 2017

Here We Go Again...

On Saturday week, the Ferndown Christmas Lights wil be switched on. And the Church Stand will be doing the "Get In The Picture" Experience. The ultimate Christmas Photobooth! However, I realised a few days ago that I only have adult costumes here. I am fairly certain that I left the children's ones in the Sunday School Cupboard at Kirby.
So on Monday afternoon, out came the overlocker 
I fetched fabrics down from the loft. [Why is the Great Stash not getting any smaller?]

I made seventeen outfits- Mary, Joseph, shepherds, kings and five angels.
I must be getting better at it- it took less than 5 hours. 
As usual I used this tutorial.
I am fascinated to see the tutorial continues to do the rounds on Pinterest - and every year since I first posted in 2010, I get emails from parents, teachers and Sunday School staff thanking me for it.
I am so glad it's proving useful.
Two other comments
Fiirst - notice the plastic carrier bag, tucked under the edge of the overlocker in the top picture. That is supposed to catch threads and trimmings, making the clear-up easier. It works about 75% of the time.
Second - the bottom picture showing the clothes rail in the hall. That's our lovely new laminate floor- replacing the moth eaten carpet. I am ridiculously excited by this. Very grateful to our landlords [ie UCF] for arranging this, and Scott and Jimmy for efficiently getting it in place last week.
Now I am hoping that Saturday 25th is warmer than last year's Switch On event, when I stood all day on the Church Stand and froze [despite wearing my motorbike thermals] 

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  1. You are so clever. I always enjoy this type of thing!!!


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