Thursday, 1 March 2018

No Business Like Snow Business

In the three years I have lived in Dorset, I have yet to see 'proper' snow. We have had the occasional flake or two, but it doesn't settle - and snowmen and snow angels cannot be constructed. It was -6°C on Tuesday night when we drove back from the Radio Station - and I expected we might get some snow then, but no...[btw the programme went very well, thanks for the kind wishes]
The rest of my family have really been blessed covered with the white stuff whether in the East, NorthWest, Midlands or the Metropolis. My kind brother has put the heating on at Cornerstones ready for our arrival in Norfolk tomorrow night, my SIL has posted pictures of her spring bulbs, bursting into flower, but shrouded in white. Liz and Steph have been affected by snow in London and Manchester.
I am aware that the snow makes travel difficult, and causes school closures and other problems. But I do love how beautiful it is, and I enjoy crunching it underfoot, and creating things with it, and watching the flurries of flakes. [I don't like slipping over, wearing wet woollen gloves or being hit by snowballs]
Keep warm, and keep safe if the snow has hit your area. Enjoy these pictures- one from Liz's window yesterday morning and the intrepid Little Miss Wheatley striding out on Monday morning in her grandad's garden in Nottingham and then yesterday in the thicker London snow.


  1. I think there is more coming your way! Stay safe and warm!

  2. I guess that is her first real experience of snow!

  3. I've very much enjoyed it being off from school because of the snow. I also don't Luke wet gloves, slipping and being hit by snow balls! It looks so pretty here.

  4. Had enough of it up here and it's only Day 4!!!Cute little snow girl!


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