Wednesday, 28 February 2018

What Was THAT All About?

I'm currently in the middle of a huge audit of my Great Stash. Not the fabrics but all the haberdashery, papercraft, patterns, embroidery paraphernalia. 
I am being terrifyingly ruthless, and filling a large crate with usable supplies which I personally will never use. I shall then find a good home for the contents.
Part of the problem is the multiples- acquired when I was running a Sewing Group, or teaching Girls' Brigade girls etc, and I needed to have more than one tape measure. And then there are all the knitting needles. Believe me, I keep giving them away, and then other people pass on a bag of Granny's stuff "Nobody in our family does craft, and we knew you would use these, Ang ..."
I've found some treasures along the way - a large file which turned out not to contain knitting patterns- but love letters from Bob, and birthday/anniversary/Mothering Sunday cards from the girls. 
I also found this folder. It is one that used to contain worksheets and be in my Supply Teacher's Bag. 
Along the top is scrawled this wonderful message
Tell Mrs O Dea my dad says please can my dauter to the spleling test again
What was that all about?
How come a child wrote the note on my file?
Could she not find a piece of scrap paper?
And who on earth was Mrs Oh Dear? 
Was that her real name, or a nickname the family gave her?
Did I leave a note for the class teacher about this? 
I do hope so!
And I do hope that the child did better in her repeat spleling test !


  1. That is a huge stash! I have so many things too that I look at and wonder, "What did I purchase that for?" Happy decluttering!

  2. Wow, the stash is mighty!! I recently had to go and fetch all my craft stuff which was living in our friend Nath's garage for 2years as it was kept there when we had to leave Billericay. I've managed to get most of it onto some old video shelves in the new garage with 2 boxes on the floor but I've taken a whole trolley full of stuff to school for either Art club or the After School club. Good luck with Operation Stash buster!

  3. Too funny about the note on your folder! Good luck decluttering the stash!


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