Sunday, 22 April 2018

To Everything, Turn, Turn, Turn...

When Bob sold his motorbike, it left a huge space. Well two actually- the first was in his lifestyle, he no longer had the opportunity to go out and enjoy a ride, tune out from all the things on his mind, and just burn up the miles...and the second, a huge space in the garage. 
But then he found a woodturning lathe, on sale locally. The gentleman concerned was in poor health and could no longer use it, so was selling it, plus loads of tools, for an extremely good price.
Bob loves old tools, he loves working with wood, and it seemed a good purchase. There was now room to house it in the garage and he had a new hobby to replace biking. Wood-turning
But he needed to learn the skills - so for a combined birthday-and-Christmas gift, I arranged for him to go on a wood turning course. He loved it. It was a whole day, one-to-one with a master craftsman.
He was taught basic techniques, and tool maintenance, and he came home with some practice pieces, including a lovely bowl and some blanks to work on. The bowl is now at Cornerstones, and has been much admired.
His first task was to build a new lathe-stand, fit for someone tall - it is important to work at the correct height. But finally, the lathe was up and running. Bob's first solo effort was another wooden bowl. Obviously, it had to be for a very special occasion. 

Isn't it lovely? I have made a poster and put it up in the garage, over where Bob works at the lathe. It is a picture of some vintage tools, and this verse from Jan Struther's lovely hymn

Lord of all eagerness, Lord of all faith,
Whose strong hands were skilled 
at the plane and the lathe,
Be there at our labours, and give us, we pray,
Your strength in our hearts, Lord, 
at the noon of the day.


  1. What a,lovely skill to have! Bob is v clever! The guy who owns the music camp place we go to does wood turning and one year, one of my tent poles snapped and he crafted and fitted one to replace the broken one! He managed to make it have the string through it and thread it on!

  2. What a lovely gift for Steph & Gary! I have a friend who turns wood, and he has made some beautiful gifts for us. I think my favourite is a pot, where Bill turned the inside, but left the bark on the outside. Very clever. A little like this,320_.jpg

  3. My husband enjoys woodworking and lathe work as well -- and every time we go antiquing he can be found looking at the vintage tools. It is a wonderful hobby, so rewarding and useful as well!

  4. It's a beautiful bowl. Did you make the lovely commemorative label for it?

  5. FD that's a lovely bowl you given a link too. NK - the label was a collaborative effort.

  6. Reading the verse from the hymn took me pleasantly by surprise and comforted me. My father died in January and had chosen this hymn for his funeral. I've been missing him a lot recently and it was great to be reminded of these words. thank you.

  7. Got bless and comfort you, Dohetu. We had this hymn at my father in law's funeral too. It brings back happy memories, I hope you will find that too as the days go by.


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