Monday, 7 May 2018

Friends Reunited

It's been a strange few days. I had a lovely day at school on Friday. The icing on the cake was at lunchtime. There is a little secluded garden with picnic benches, where staff can eat their sarnies in peace [this school makes staff welfare a high priority, and it appears to work well] Along came one of the TAs [I think she is part time] to show her new puppy to her friends. She was accompanied by her husband - who was the guy I worked with for two months last autumn. We had both moved on from a situation where we felt we "didn't fit" and I was really pleased to hear how things HD worked out well for him. 
Friday evening some good friends called round and we sat out in the garden. 8pm I felt an insect bite my ankle.By Saturday the skin was inflamed and sore. The pharmacist said "dial 111" I ended up in the Prosthetic Limbs Dept of the Royal Bournemouth Hospital [its OK, that's where they have the out of hours clinic!]
I came away with antihistamines and antibiotics. 
I was a little apprehensive about Sunday, as I was due to be preaching at a little Chapel near Ringwood., one I'd not visited before. And my foot was red and throbbing. 
But it was a small but very friendly group, and I had a delightful surprise. 
I met up with John and Jenny - two friends from 30 years ago when we lived in Bexleyheath.They've recently moved to the area and joined the Chapel. It was great, after the service, to catch up with their news, and swap news of other friends from that time. 
We've swapped addresses and hope that next time Bob will be able to join in  the reminiscing too. 
Life is so busy, and people move around... but isn't it a real joy to suddenly encounter an old friend like that?
Two unexpected meetings which have brought such happiness far outweigh the discomfort of an insect bite. There won't be pictures, it looks utterly gross. The bible verse about those who bring Good News having beautiful feet definitely does not apply right now! 


  1. Oh how nice to meet that nice teachers again. I wish we had an area like that for staff! Our school is so cramped with no grass area.
    That's so nice to meet old friends.
    I have terrible reactions to insect bites- one on the back of my knee has swollen to the size of a coaster. Last year, the ones I had developed into large pus-filled blisters which I then lanced with a pin and it oozed everywhere. They looked awful. I know I'm disgusting but could you possibly send me a picture of yours, I'm never sure when I should take further action over a bite!

  2. Sorry to hear about the bug bite! But so nice to meet old friends! I am glad you were able to do so.


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