Friday, 1 June 2018

Giving Him The Brush-Off

Soon after we married, my Mum presented me with a clothes brush. "So Bob can brush his suit on a Sunday before church. People will notice if there are flecks of dust or dandruff on his shoulder" 
I'd grown up with this weekend ritual - and secretly felt that people should be concentrating on my Dad's preaching, and not be distracted by a slight wardrobe malfunction.  To misquote Matthew  7:3 - "Why do you notice the speck of dust on your brother's shoulder, and ignore the large chip on your own?"
But I dutifully took the clothesbrush and it has been with us ever since. Bob has very little hair now, so dandruff is hardly an issue, and he no longer wears a suit every Sunday - but the clothes brush is hanging on a hook near the front door. And I must admit that it has been useful. My best winter coat is black, and seems to attract every bit of fluff, and there are times when I spot Bob's jacket in need of a bit of attention as we are about to leave the house. But now I have two clothes brushes - I have acquired Jim's, from his clear-out.
His is the oval one at the top. But I do not need two brushes. I hardly need to equip Cornerstones with such an item- that's a holiday home. old clothes brush did go on holiday a few times. When Steph was in Girls' Brigade, they went to camp. She was given the usual packing list [sleeping bag, camping cutlery, toothbrush etc] and it included clothes brush. It was a GB rule that on Sunday at Camp, you went to church in your full navy uniform.  Which is why my brush has one of her old name-and-address stickers on the back, it's been stuck there for nearly 25 years!
I think it is time history repeated itself. Now my new son -in-law has to wear a suit and look smart for the office. This brush is going into the 'box of stuff for Manchester'. "So Gary can brush his suit on a Monday before work. People will notice if there are flecks of dust or dandruff on his shoulder"
Do you ever use a clothes brush? or have you got one of those lint roller things?


  1. I think Chris would like a Clothes brush or he has one because his suits get dusty from cycling! I think they are a good idea!

  2. I have one of those roller sticky things and it comes in handy as I do wear a lot of black. I always see people who obviously have a cat or dog and could certainly use a clothes brush!

  3. I have a lint roller thing but have never considered a clothes brush. Do you think it would do the same job? I do have a white-ish cat and our climate is very dry and static-y.


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