Friday, 14 September 2018

And So To Bed...

We have an IKEA Malm bed. The frame is 12 years old and the mattress was bought a few months back. It's a Euro King Size - slightly longer than UK King Size. We are very fond of our bed.
But on Tuesday morning, disaster struck! We'd discussed our Day Off plans on Monday night, as usual.

"Shall we go to IKEA?" "No. There's nothing we need, and it's daft just to go for breakfast" So we made other plans. 
Tuesday 7am, I made a cup of tea, and then we got up and dressed, ready to go out. Bob sat on the bed to lace his shoes.
There was an almighty crack, and his side of the bed collapsed. 
The side rail had broken at both ends. Bedding and mattress were shifted, tools fetched from garage, and broken section removed. 
Then off to IKEA with piece of wood. We had breakfast, then went to customer services. 

Unfortunately they couldn't supply us with  replacement rail, for all sorts of reasons. So we came back via Christchurch and bought a piece of wood from the wood yard. And my very clever husband spent the rest of his day off making a new rail. 
Here it is clamped together while the glue dries. 
He does look pleased with himself [and so he should!] £18 for a bit of wood is much better than buying a new bed. 


  1. That is brilliant - new mattress then repair to frame! My granny was given a coal shovel as a wedding present and she used it for the rest of her life. The shovel part had been repaired by the blacksmith countless three times (it had worn away) and the handle had been replaced countless times but she swore it was the same shovel Great Auntie Marg gave her as a wedding present. Carry on restoring!

  2. So wonderful that he was able to repair it!


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