Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Golden Memories

I have been a bridesmaid just twice - for my two cousins Carol and Hazel, the daughters of my Mum's brother Leslie. The first of them to marry was Hazel, and that was 50 years ago today. I can't find a photo sadly - it was a real 1960s event. We had satin empire line dresses, and my hair was back-combed and lacquered to within an inch of its life!
This is a very similar Simplicity pattern [it may be the same one Auntie Edie used to make our dresses, I'm not sure] our dresses were pink, and my hair was styled just like the bride in the picture.
Only one of my six "Spooner family" aunts is still alive - but they were all there that day, in their wedding outfits from C&A, and frothy hats from British Home Stores.Hazel and Terry still live a few miles from where they grew up, their sons are married and they enjoy being grandparents. I've not seen them for about five years.
I wish them a really happy day. 
I decided to embroider a card, and got a bit carried away with beading... 
Fifty years of happy marriage is something to celebrate, isn't it? 


  1. Ooh, I remember trying on hats in BHS. It was always good for a giggle.
    I had a dress very similar in style to those when I was bridesmaid for my sister. Mine was blue and we had crystals stitched on all over the bodice.

  2. That's prettier than my bridesmaid dress which I wore in 1958, blue brocade, full skirt with full petticoat, and a fichu on the shoulders. Complete with dainty wreath for the hair.....

  3. Definitely something to celebrate! Happy anniversary to your cousin!

  4. I am not sure anything has ever beaten empire line - especially with lace. So elegant

  5. I think I agree with you, NM. Empire line is such a flattering shape

  6. Fifty years is a wonderful celebration- I've been directly in involved in two 50s this year!

  7. That pattern! Thanks for the reminder of hte 60s! Cheers


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