Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Licensed To Kill?

I suspect that if Daniel Craig had swapped his dj, bow-tie and buttonhole for an old fleece, jogging bottoms, and slippers, the Bond films wouldn't have made quite so much at the box office...
Exactly what is Bob doing out there on the patio?
Answer - he is pumping expanding foam into the crevices round the dishwasher drainpipe.

 Why? well, we have found some unwelcome nocturnal visitors on the kitchen floor

Slugs! You wander out into the kitchen, to put on the kettle for an evening cuppa- and there they are, one, sometimes two, cavorting in the middle of the room [maybe 'cavorting' is too strong a word - more like 'lurking in a sinister manner'] 
It took us quite a while to work out where they were coming from - then we shone a torch in the evening, and saw the sparkling slimy trail, leading to the gap beside the dishwasher
Pulling the d/w out, we found there is a large gap at the edge of the flooring - and lots of sliminess shining on the wall behind. 
Bob has put a new strip of skirting board down to cover the hole [the flat iron is there to hold it in place whilst the glue dries]

We hope these efforts will keep the terrestrial gastropod molluscs out! We don't particularly want to kill them - but we definitely don't want them in our kitchen.


  1. We used to have a real problem with them in my childhood home. They used to get in through our gappy, draughty conservatory. I remember going out there and finding 24 slugs once. I'm afraid I collected them up in an old biscuit box and poured salt on them. Well done Bob for saving the day again!

  2. I think they must be able to get through really small spaces. My mum kept finding them in her kitchen and we couldn't find where they were coming from. Turned out they were coming in under the back door! A new door sorted it.

  3. At first we thought that they were using the back door but then we worked out it was through the space by the dishwasher pipe!

  4. Glad he was able to block their entry, Angela.


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