Saturday, 22 September 2018

Waitrose /Wiltrose

It was my task to arrange the flowers in church. The donor had requested orange flowers. I found orange gerberas on Wimborne Market, and orange roses in Wimborne Waitrose.
I am not a great florist, but I thought they looked OK. 
Next morning however... 
I emailed Waitrose a picture of the drooping blooms, along with a picture of the label [guaranteeing at least 5 days of quality display] Happy to report an instant response, and by Wednesday, a full refund of the cost. 
I shall give our Church Treasurer the cash value, to go back into the Flower Fund, and spend the gift card on groceries! Well done Waitrose & Partners, thank you. 


  1. I think there must have been something wrong with the conditions for roses this last week. I was given some bought from what I know is usually a good source and they too were rubbish after a few days.

  2. How frustrating!
    One tip that I’ve found to work with cut roses is to make a hole right through the stalk as near to the bloom as possible.

  3. Should have been more specific! Use a sewing needle. Sue

  4. Thanks Sue, I should have said that I tried that but it didn't work!

  5. That's nice that they gave you a refund!


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