Thursday, 6 September 2018

Smile Please!

I went for my regular dental check-up this week, and met the new lady dentist. She checked my teeth, took a couple of X-rays and informed me I didn't need any treatment, other than a scale and polish. Bob warned me that I'd be quizzed on my brushing routine, and indeed I was.
She said my teeth have obviously been cleaned thoroughly. However, she said that my gums were rather pink in places- a sign that I have been brushing too enthusiastically. [Look lady, 'enthusiastically' is my approach to life generally - so that is not surprising] She suggested I try to go slowly and gently.
How often do I floss? Errm...a couple of times a week. Always on a Sunday morning before church, and a few times in between] I am to floss daily, from here on in
Mouthwash? Oh yes, I do it regularly! It seems I haven't mastered that technique either. She said I should be swishing it round for 30 to 45 seconds before spitting out. Do it slowly 
To sum up, 
  • brush gently
  • floss regularly
  • swish slowly


  1. Sounds like your smile had a very thorough MOT.

  2. Dentists and hygienists can be SO bossy! I suppose they have our teeth and gums best interests at heart but they can be quite scary! ( or I'm just a wimp at the dentists!)

  3. I love my dentist and hygienist and I've always tried to follow their directions - same as yours! I have an appointment in October to have a tiny nick taken care of - not a cavity as such but needs to be sorted.

  4. Well done! I scheduled an appointment for next week - I know I am going to get scolded!


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