Friday, 7 September 2018

Ferndown Fun For Friday

I frequently find myself using my phone to take photographs of things which have amused me. This week has been no exception. To some people, Ferndown may be just a boring little town on the edge of cool, exciting Bournemouth - but in the past 3½years I have discovered it is full of history, natural beauty, kind and good people...and plenty of things to make me smile.
My favourite coffee shop in Ferndown is 'Thirty Seven' - and I enjoyed a late breakfast there with Bob on Tuesday morning after my dental appointment. They always have newspapers to read - and Bob pointed out an article about the Giraffes in Worcester which we saw two months ago.
I am not laughing at the vandalism or the attempted burglary - but the headline did make me smile!

On Tuesday evening I was intrigued when we stopped behind this van at the traffic lights

What does a "Supermarket Support Service Rapid Response Unit"  do? Does this vehicle swing sharply into the Waitrose Carpark if they run out of "Essential Quinoa" or Chia Seeds?
Also on Tuesday, at 7pm I was sitting outside the library waiting for friends to join me on a Prayer Walk through the town centre. I looked up at the clock - which has four faces- and none of them was telling the correct time!
Finally, I passed another of our eateries and saw this board outside.
What does this mean? 
I can only assume that a 'Brexit Lunch' implies that nobody knows what they are going to get served up with, and everybody is afraid they will end up paying far more than they expected at the end of it!
Finally - nothing to do with Ferndown [we have to go to Ringwood or Wimborne for our nearest Waitrose stores, and the small 'John Lewis @ Home' is in Poole] But I think the new JL & W & partners ad is amazing.
If you are a teacher or teaching assistant or helpful parent, who has spent hours making costumes and building sets for end-of-term concerts and school productions, I think you will understand. Happy memories of creating space outfits from plumbing supplies, and IKEA fabric baskets, steampunk spectacles from B&Q safety goggles, and more. Holding one's breath backstage as you hope the lighting and sound effects will work properly, standing behind a curtain doing emergency repair stitching to the dancer's frock...

It's a great ad, IMHO. As well as emphasising the 'And Partners', and the link between JL & Waitrose, they've changed their strapline too - after 93 years, they're dropping "Never knowingly undersold" in favour of "For us, it's personal"
Not sure how they will improve on this ad when it comes to Christmas though.


  1. Haha, these are pretty funny! The giraffe headline (and picture, if I'm honest) made me smile as did the Supermarket van!
    As I looked at your 2course Brexit lunch (your suggested definition did make me smile), the train doors opened at Hockley and the most wonderful smell of toast and fried bacon came in through the door and made me extremely hungry (esp after your allusion to breakfast in 37) It was most apt timing!
    The JL ad wouldn't load on my phone so I shall have to try and load it later at home. I've got a day of Tudor dance today. Got my year 4 classes. Luckily I've got time out as well as the 3 lessons! Trying to get my WW1 centenary concert materials ready!

  2. Kezzie- thinking of you and all my friends working in schools who are returning to the busy-ness of a new term. Hoping all your projects come together well. Enjoy the pavannes and galliards or whatever Tudor-Two-Steps you're doing today!

  3. Oh, I liked that headline and the picture with the giraffe! The clock with the different times is funny, too! Imagine how confused the people might get if they look at only the time in their direction! Not sure what the Brexit lunch might be, but the commercial is awesome! I love to watch commercials from other countries - there used to be a late night TV show here that used to feature them, quite regularly.

  4. The John Lewis and Waitrose ad is so clever,very watchable every time it's on. When I saw what it was for at the end I thought "bit early for their Christmas ad!"

  5. Absolutely brilliant advert! Definitely takes me back to school concert days and resourceful sourcing of materials.


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