Sunday, 16 September 2018

Seing The Big Picture

We've just started doing The Bible Course on Sunday nights at UCF. It's really very good. 
Produced by The Bible Society it is an informative and enjoyable way to see how the Bible is constructed - the "big picture" of how it all fits together.
There's the Old and New Testaments - each made up of a library of individual books, 66 in total.
The clever logo [above] is a diagram of the way the books are ordered. On the left is a circle, representing the tree in the Garden of Eden in Genesis, right at the beginning. On the right, another circle, representing the Tree of Life  in the book of Revelation, at the end of Scripture. In between come books of history, poetry, the stories of Jesus, the letters Paul wrote to the churches, etc. 
It is presented in an intelligent, thought provoking way [we watch the video, and discuss things around tables in small groups] Everybody has their own handbook too. 
Folk seemed to enjoy Session One [there are eight in total - we're doing a couple a month, to finish just before Christmas] 
It's full of all sorts of information, and accessible to all, whether or not you know anything about the Bible. Stuff for new readers, and for oldies like me who've been studying for over half a century. I'd really recommend it!
This one minute video explains it beautifully


  1. We are studying this in our home group, up to Session 4 Judges and Kings this week. Easy to do at home (not very well at the moment) but I’ve missed the dvd that goes with it and of course the discussions 🙂 There are spaces for notes and reflections but I still have a problem about writing in books, must be my upbringing 😉

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