Sunday, 23 September 2018

Moving On...

Recently Rosie enjoyed a very long ride in the bike-trailer along the Marriott's Way Heritage trail [website here] She absolutely loved it! The family did a 20 mile round trip on a sunny afternoon. Following the path of two disused railway lines, this 26 mile route goes from Aylsham to Norwich. 
When this picture was posted online, my dear friend Elisabeth in Leicester [also a cycling fanatic] asked if that was the bridge with the graffiti.
This is the Drayton railway bridge.
And here is the graffiti.

It seems like good advice - harbouring resentment never helped anyone to move on...


  1. Ha! Excellent sentiment. I read recently that Dallas Willard had said that forgiveness is mainly letting go of your right to revenge or reparation. At first I thought it was a bit mealy mouthed but when that was all I could do, I left it at that and as time has moved on I find I am softening a bit. Like you say, sometimes maybe you need to move on as best you can then wait


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