Saturday, 23 February 2019

Auntie Angela Is An Old Hen

Top two pictures- my niece Lucy about 15 years ago- still at primary school and obsessed with all things equine. 
Picture below- Easter 2018, grown up Lucy with her fiance Josh. This weekend is Lucy's Hen Weekend in Norfolk. As her only aunt, I have been invited along. I shall be enjoying Afternoon Tea later with friends of all ages - but I've declined the Cocktails'n'Clubbing this evening! There may be pictures to follow. 
Bob is having a few days Study Leave in the peace and quiet of Cornerstones. 
When not being a 'hen' I plan to get plenty of knitting done! And no, I'm not wearing pink, and no I am not dressing up - though given her history [see picture top right] I wouldn't be surprised if Lucy turns up in an interesting outfit!


  1. I thought you would whip up a hen fancy dress in no time! Have a lovely time

  2. Have fun! They are called bachelorette parties over here. :)

  3. A pink tutu? Bunny ears? Ah well, maybe not!


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