Sunday, 3 February 2019

Christmas Presence

The first time my Dad read my Dickens' Christmas Carol, I completely misunderstood. I thought the spectral visitor was The Ghost of Christmas Presents, and had something to do with gifts under the tree. It had to be explained to me that it meant present in the sense of now.
At the end of the tale, Scrooge declares he will "honour Christmas and keep it in his heart all year." This week I belatedly exchanged festive gifts with my friend Christine in Norfolk . She knows me very well. Her lovely gift, which I shall use often, has part of a verse from John chapter 1 on it. John 1 is often read at Carol Services - In the beginning was the Word... etc., reminding us of Jesus, the Light who came into the world. Verse 16 says Of his fullness, we all have received grace upon grace.
Thanks Chris, for such a great gift, which will remind me all year of the wonder of the Incarnation, and God's unending grace. 

[PS thank you too for the little jar of mango chupney tucked inside the bag! ] 

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