Friday, 1 February 2019


Lots of bloggers I know belong to Ravelry, the website for the Knitting and Crochet community. It's a great group  
Ravel is an odd word - as a noun it means a tangle, as a verb it means to untangle. But I prefer the term unravel when I'm sorting out knitting messes.
Just before Rosie was born, Liz began knitting herself a cardi with some lovely Debbie Bliss yarn. It was a complex one piece, top down raglan style. Three years later, it was still a WIP* and something wasn't quite right.
Which is why I spent much of Wednesday unravelling said project so Liz can reknit it into something else. 
Apart from Jean's Thanksgiving yesterday my week has involved a lot of enforced rest in Norfolk, with a daughter and granddaughter who are both 'hors de combat' with heavy colds.
But in this cold weather, staying home, watching crazy daytime TV, enjoying homemade soup and cuddling Rosie is fine with me! And winding balls of wool is a mindless but purposeful activity. 
*WIP = work in progress


  1. I've never seen knitting being unravelled but I would like to. That wool is a gorgeous colour. Wishing I was home, warm watching daytime TV. I found it super hard to wake up today so I am running late and I've somehow missed the late, late train by mere seconds (as in the door shut as I reached the platform) and now I'm going to get to work at 9:05 (if no other delays) and I'm feeling v stressed. It's absolutely glacial on this platform and I'm feeling famished! Oh well, I made my own problem! Hope you have a serene and enjoyable day.x

  2. I recently sorted out a 'ravel' of a top-down lopi jersey, started 35 years ago. I knew when I cast on that it was the wrong colour, and later that I hadn't knitted enough length, but was too pig-headed to fix it. So the wool and needles and cost and effort weighed on me through two house moves until I pulled the whole lot out and crocheted cat beds for our cats! Now I can feel much better about the failed jersey!

  3. Yes, it is an odd word, isn't it? Hope your daughter and Rosie feel better soon, and you don't catch a cold, yourself (every time my daughter caught a cold, I'd get it too!)

  4. I dislike the word 'frogging' that folks use to describe the unravelling process!! Glad you're taking it easy. Have a good weekend, Angela.x


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