Friday, 22 February 2019

Focusing In Lent

Sunday 10th March will be the first Sunday in Lent. That is just over a fortnight away. Easter Sunday is April 21st. 
For eight years I joined with others doing a reflection on each of the Sundays of Lent, uder the title of "A Pause In Lent".[explanation here]
Last year I gave it a miss - there were lots of other Lenten challenges going around, and it seemed just one more thing to add to the list.
I've already had loads of messages in my in-box from different groups inviting me to sign up for this and that.
I've not yet decided which, if any, I should join. There are deeply spiritual activities, charitable activities, 'caring for the planet' activities...
But my blogword2019 is focus
Right now I just want to focus on being healthy, getting enough sleep, loving my neighbours, listening to God and doing good.
I expect there will be some "reflections" popping up along the way- not necessarily on Sundays though.
Do let me know if you are doing any Lent Challenges, and how you get on with them. This one looks interesting  You do need to check out the website carefully though - at first glance, I thought I was supposed to do all 6 things for 40 days!


  1. That is a very interesting concept for Lent - to give up something that will help the planet! I don't observe Lent, but I have relatives and friends who do, and what I've seen them doing is abstaining from eating meat on Fridays and, at least some of them, from having desserts! I never really understood the reasoning behind it, other than self denial was supposed to be good for you. I do rather like this caring for the planet focus, though.

    1. Bless, I think the original idea was that self denial encouraged people to focus not on their own desires, but rather to focus on seeking God's plan for their lives. Somehow this has become "if I give up chocolate I will be a better person".

    2. ... It should be about shifting focus from "self" to something else. I agree with the idea that caring for creation is a positive focus.

  2. As always, I'm doing 40 Acts - it's difficult at times, but worth doing, I think. I'll be trying to blog about it too.

  3. They all look good though I would need to get to work (by train!).

    1. They all LOOK good, but really hard to work out in practice. Travel to work is one problem. My daily medication is sealed in a foil&plastic single use sheet, sourcing local food is both difficult and expensive, it would take ages to turn everything off then on again (and reset the clocks) And now I feel I am just making excuses ..

  4. I've been trying decide what I might do for Lent this year - still haven't decided as yet.
    I just posted the schedule for Lenten services on the church website today - it is going to be extremely busy starting from Ash Wednesday. Besides the usual services associated with the season, we do a series of "meditations" (talks really) on a theme and these take place on the 5 Wednesdays before Palm Sunday. We also offer a light lunch afterwards to encourage fellowship and we usually get between 30 and 40 participants each week.


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