Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Thai For Two

Bob and I had a special treat last week- we were given the opportunity to dine at the "Koh Thai" restaurant in Bournemouth. 
After an unexpected week apart, followed by a busy weekend, it was lovely to have such a treat. 
I don't recall ever eating in a Thai restaurant before!
The decor was amazing - we sat at a table by the wall [just to the left of that yellow logo in the picture - which comes from their website
The waiting service was excellent - rather than a 'dedicated' waitress, any member of staff passing the table would ask if you needed anything.
I'm no good at selfies, but here's us!
Bob enjoyed Massaman Lamb, with noodles, and I had Tamarind Duck with Jasmine Rice.
The food was delicious. The atmosphere was pleasant, and we found the waitresses very helpful.
Would I go again? Not sure- whilst I enjoyed the experience, and found the flavours were good, I thought the price did not reflect the size of the portions*. Bob's massaman curry was served in a small cereal bowl and cost £11.50 - the small amount of noodles were a further £4. The picture of tamarind duck on the menu was a little misleading  - there was nothing like as much meat on my plate under those crispy noodles as there was on the menu photograph.
We wondered how big the tapas plates were!

But it was lovely to have an evening out together. We dined quite early, and when we came to leave, the place was comfortably full - couples, families, and larger groups.
It's clearly very popular with many Bournemouth diners. 
[*I suspect my daughters will tell me I have unrealistic expectations about restaurant prices. They're probably right!]


  1. Well, Thai is our absolute favourite cuisine to eat on an evening out. I would find those prices expensive too. At Thai House, our favourite regular restaurant, a meat dish would set you back between about £7-9. The Pad Thai Noodles are something like £5. The Tofu & Veg green curry is about £4.80 with Jasmine rice at £2.25 a portion. I always have green curry!!
    Glad you had a nice treat!x

  2. I also have unrealistic expectations about eating out prices due to comparing them with what I could buy for the same amount!

  3. Glad you enjoyed the experience, if not the prices for the quantity of food! It does look like a very nice restaurant. Restaurant prices are rather high, here, too. I expect to pay a minimum of $15 per person for lunches; higher for dinner, although I very rarely go out to dinner. Usually, it is for lunch.

  4. Sounds like a lovely meal! My son is absolutely crazy about Thai food. We also like Thai food. Have a great day!

  5. I think in this instance you're completely realistic about prices - that does sound very expensive! Glad you enjoyed it though!


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