Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Dead Ringers

When I wrote about Sansom's Tombland a few weeks ago, I mentioned that the picture on the cover is one of the door panels from Norwich City Hall, depicting the execution of Kett
These bronze panels were made in 1938 by sculptor James Woodford.
Opposite the City Hall, just above the market are the War Memorial Gardens. Here you will find the City's cenotaph, designed by Lutyens. 
I knew about the doors, and about Lutyens Memorial. But I didn't know until Monday that the flagpoles at either end of the gardens were also sculpted by Woodford.
We were sitting eating our pork rolls at lunchtime and I noticed the bases of the flagpoles for the first time.
The matching poles are encircled by dancing Assyrian figures celebrating agriculture. I took some photos
 They are incredibly detailed. 
 I realise that agriculture is important to Norfolk but I'm not sure why Assyrians are involved! 
 I think it's Art Deco. 
I have tried to find out more  but not doing very well so far. One article said "the flagpoles are decorated with figures who are walking lie llke an Egyptian" but was no more informative than that. 
We finished lunch, and walked to the second identical flagpole. Bob stopped to look at the motorbikes parked next to St Peter Mancroft Church. 
I stopped to take a picture of a memorial by the door, which made me smile. 
Samuel Thurston, truly a Dead Ringer. 
His sudden death clearly upset the other exercisers. I hope it wasn't during bell ringing practice. 
You just have to love Norwich - a fine city full of hidden gems. 

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  1. Ha, ha, yes! Truly a dead ringer! Too bad he wasn't saved by the bell!


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