Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Finally Facing My Waterloo...

I bought a jigsaw to do over Christmas. Only I forgot to bring it up to Cornerstones. So it came up last month instead, and I completed the edge before I returned to Dorset. This past weekend whilst Bob studied, I relaxed and completed my jigsaw.
I have had so much fun with this double picture of Waterloo Station. 
It is very clever - obviously the architecture is almost identical in both scenes, but the characters vary a little. The upper picture is set in Wartime, the lower is post-war. So you see things like

  • Top sailors, bottom boy scouts
  • Top khaki clad soldiers, bottom Coldstream guards with bearskins
  • Top army truck, bottom civilian van
  • Top people in uniform, bottom in civvies
  • Top two nuns, bottom two nuns [ but with different suitcases! ] 
There was so much that was so very similar, yet not quite the same. What an intriguing challenge. I know lots of you enjoy jigsaws, and when I posted about buying this in the CS, some people said they'd enjoyed this puzzle too.
If anyone would like this one, please comment below, and I will pick the winner on Friday then post it on to you. 


  1. Well done for completing it! It sounds v complicated! I'm not sure I've ever completed such a detailed jigsaw.
    At school, last year, we had the Happy Puzzle company come into do workshops with the children and it was surprising how many had no idea how to start!

  2. Oh, dear! I am almost afraid to comment! :D Please don't include me in the drawing, because I really wouldn't expect you to mail it to me! BUT, I do want to say that it looks like a wonderful jigsaw! A very challenging one, too!

  3. Sorry if this is a repeat. I thought I had commented earlier but I'm not sure it worked. I love jigsaws and pictures of London stations. I would be happy to pay for the postage if I am lucky enough to win. I normally only allow myself to do jigsaws at Christmas or if I'm ill. I think this jigsaw merits being an exception.

  4. i have the same one uncompleted at on the shelf , i have a stack but havent had anywhere to do them for ages , plus the cats arent jigsaw friendly


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