Wednesday, 6 February 2019


Back in the 80s [years before everything was on Facebook, or tweeted] I remember reading articles talking about "the need to focus on WRM" - What Really Matters. If you were a busy young Mum with children under your feet, laundry mountains all over the house, meals to prepare and a mile-long-to-do list, many recommended this approach.
Write a to-do list by all means - but prioritise, and put things that are unimportant way down the list. Confession; I frequently wrote my list the night before, and it usually went like this ...
  1. make a cup of tea
  2. get dressed
  3. have breakfast
...and I did that so I could be sure tick at least 2 items before mid-day - I couldn't guarantee all three!
Yes, I really am working on the 'focus' word this year. The craziness and unpredictability of January has made it plain that if some things do not get done, then they do not get done - but I am still here, and my family are all OK. 
I am not superwoman - and I do what I can, when I can...and leave the rest to the Lord.


  1. I'm glad you are getting this opportunity to focus on what is important and letting other things go undone, if necessary. I think too many of us feel that we have to do everything, and it takes a toll on us.

  2. Thanks for today's post. Just what I needed to hear. I must confess that when writing a list my no.1 is often 'write a list' !

  3. That is such a sensible approach. It is very easy to feel overwhelmed. When Ihave a busy week it becomes much easier if I just focus on one day at a time. If I look at all the tasks for the week I sometimes feel like crawling into bed and pulling the covers over my head.


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