Tuesday, 20 October 2020

That Sinking Feeling

 ...when as you clear up after making a cake, you find one particular  ingredient on the worktop, and realise you didn't put it in the mix! So my National Trust Spiced Toffee Apple Cake was distinctly unspiced. [The NT are currently celebrating the fruit from the orchards at their various properties]

The recipe was in the latest NT magazine, [click HERE]and having picked up a couple of very nice looking cookers from the 'help yourself' basket outside a neighbour's house recently, it seemed a good thing to try out. Above is the one pictured in the magazine, below my cake- before and after pouring over the toffee sauce.

Conclusions - 

  1. the taste was good, despite the lack of spice
  2. I liked the addition of pureed dates to the mix, which gave both colour and flavour - as well as keeping the cake moist
  3. I sliced my apple on the mandoline- probably a little too finely, I think the edges of the slices over-browned.
  4. there was too much toffee sauce in the recipe. 
I took the photos just after making the cake- when I returned to it later, the sauce had soaked in and the middle of the cake had sunk [despite the skewer coming out clean when I tested it earlier] Bob loved it, however, especially when served with a drizzle of cream from a tiny jug...


  1. It looks both beautiful and delicious! Yum!

  2. Does Bob only like his cream from a tiny mug, not a big mug? :-)
    The tart looks delicious. I think I'd like it without the spices. C made Cinnamon buns 2 days running at home and our house smells of them!

  3. I only had a tiny amount of cream in the fridge, so I used the tiny jug. Anyway it stops him overindulging!! I love the smell of cinnamon - I hope my nose is right again before Christmas!

  4. I saw this cake on their facebook feed today. It dd strike me as an unnecessary play on a tarte aux pommes. There you just put melted apricot jam on top for a nice glaze, but maybe the cake needed the toffee sauce for moisture, although as you rightly say the dates would do that. Hmm. Think I'll stick to my good old Good Housekeeping recipe for tarte aux pommes!


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