Monday, 5 April 2021

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I shall so miss the generosity of the people here at United Church Ferndown. Early on Saturday, Lasantha drove round picking up bags of groceries from church members to take to Hope For Food  

Here's his car boot being unloaded- and there were more bags on the back seats too. 

Bob and I went down to church midmorning, where Steve and daughter Sharon were working in the kitchen.

Jill, Geoff and Nadia arrived to help pack and bag up dinners - and Bob and I passed them on to the distributors. All very covid safe, [ in one door, out the other] and very efficient. 

Over 40 lunches distributed to people who were on their own - unable to be with families on this holiday weekend. Some had received lunches at Christmas, others were new on the 'Home Alone' list.

Chicken breast, wrapped in bacon, with roast potatoes, cabbage, green beans and carrots- plus gravy. 

Followed by pie and cream. And each of our guests also had an Easter card and a chocolate egg with their delivery.

I am glad that the last 'in person' activity I shall be involved in at the church here is such a practical, loving project. It sums up so much of what the fellowship has been about - caring for other people in a generous and practical way.

We all worked very hard and it was remarkably efficient. The drivers waited patiently, on socially distanced chairs, to collect their insulated bags 

- then took them to the recipients like reliable Deliveroo Drivers! I know that these good people will go on loving and caring long after we've gone.

I love this shot of Bob surveying the tables of dessert boxes! I wonder what he was thinking? 

I hope your Easter weekend was as special as it could be, given the circumstances. I applaud everyone who has made special efforts to help others this past weekend. Thank you!


  1. This was the perfect thing for you two to be doing. You are such fabulous pastors to the flock. I am so excited to see what God has in store for you in "retirement" xx

  2. Such a wonderful thing for you and your church to do! I wasn't able to participate in a community wide effort such as yours, but, I did serve a plate to share with a neighbor when I found out that she was spending Easter alone. Daughter took it over (and left it on the porch railing) and, afterwards, neighbor called to thank me and say how much she appreciated it.


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