Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Blogfriends At Blickling

There are some blogs I start reading, and then after a while they seem less relevant, so I stop following. There are others which somehow abruptly disappear from the Internet, leaving e wondering if the writer is OK, have their circumstances changed - did blogging become more difficult/less important for them?

But some blogs interest me from the moment I start reading them, and I'm always glad when the writer puts up a new post- and I am particularly impressed when people manage to keep two blogs going. I began following Jean's blog about her French adventures quite a while ago. And then I started following her cooking blog too.

I have greatly enjoyed my visits to France, and would love to go back again sometime. Jean's descriptions are beautifully evocative, her photographs really good. And the great thing about the cooking blog is that her recipes actually work - and they are not dependent on obscure ingredients. And I do appreciate  her honesty when things go a little awry, and she gives tips on managing disasters as well as sharing her culinary triumphs.

This time last year we were briefly in communication "off blog" by email about something - and so it was lovely this April to get a message wishing us well for our move- and saying that she'd be on holiday in Norfolk during May. If I was not too busy unpacking, could we perhaps get together? I thought that was a lovely idea, so we made plans.

We met up at Blickling Hall, the NT property quite close to Cornerstones [and not too far from her holiday cottage] on Monday morning.

Together with her husband, we had a stroll around the lovely gardens and then we sat inside the cafĂ© for a cuppa!! Wow, when did that last happen? [I can recommend the date&walnut cake, by the way.]

It was great to meet this blogfriend actually in person at last - and I hope she enjoyed herself as much as I did. Somehow the conversation went really easily, I suppose we'd been reading each other's blogs for ages so didn't have to do all the introductory chit chat.

Now I am retired, I am hoping to get to meet more blogfriends whenever I can!

Here we are by one of the large urns in the garden. Jean's OH kindly took the photo. 

What a lovely way to spend a Monday morning - thank you both for such a superb time! 


  1. Ah, that's lovely!!! So glad you got to meet up!! And what a great place to meet up in! I've always enjoyed when I meet fellow bloggers!

  2. How lovely to meet up with blog friends! Let me know when you come this way, Angela - I'd be happy to meet you! :)

  3. Ah! Two new blogs to follow! Thank you!

  4. Lovely photograph of you both. I know Jean personally (met through our blogs in France) and you through your blog. Very pleased that you enjoyed your day out. Take care.

  5. Oh what perfect timing, to be able to have a drink and a cake indoors, it seems like the ultimate luxury doesn't it. And yes I know what you mean about sort of being instantly friends, we all know so much about each other that all the usual formalities and pre-amble are just not necessary.

    I've always loved meeting fellow bloggers or readers, with our house in Wales being so recognisable I got a lot of spur of the moment visitors, including one lady who directed her husband to " Turn in there, turn in there, NOW" ... right at the last minute. The poor chap didn't know what on earth was going on being told to drive through someone's gate whilst on holiday. Once his heart rate had returned to normal we had a lovely coffee on the patio and they had a guided tour and met the animals she had been reading about for years.

  6. What a fun photo! You guys look a little cold, though. I'll go follow Jean's blog! Thank you!


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