Monday 31 May 2021

Mug Shots [1]

Back in Leicester,  the wall over the sofa was where we displayed a lot of family photos - all black and white ones. We took them down when we moved to Ferndown, and for 6 years they have been in a box. Now they are on the wall in the hall. It took ages and lots of calculations to work out the best arrangement. And I know that there are a few more old pictures I want to add to the display. I must find the box of old photos, and get some frames for them. The newest ones are already twenty years old - so it is about time we had a few new ones [including the guys and the grandchildren]  We've left space at either end for these. 

From my visits to NT properties, I realise that the upper classes display their family photographs in silver frames on top of the grand piano. I do not have space for a piano, or money for silver frames. IKEA 'Ribba' frames suit me fine, thank you! 


  1. What a lovely display of family photos! I like the frames as they don't distract the eyes from the photos themselves.

  2. I like wooden frames best but we mostly have paintings in them rather than photos! Funny that we just don't have photos of family or even is on our house apart from one tiny wedding photo that a friend framed for us! Your arrangement looks great!

  3. Someone on my local FB 'Buy Nothing' page is giving away an assortment of different sized Ribba frames. There's a mad scramble for them so I desisted!!Your arrangement looks good.The upper class house where I used to work had an assortment of specially commissioned wedding albums - 4 daughters married, one still available! - strategically placed (by me) on top of the grand piano in the hall.My place in history is assured since I'm in all 4 of them, at the back, with the rest of the hoi polloi!

  4. When I see photos of grand pianos with photos in silver frames, all I can think of is having to dust them! We had about a dozen family photos in small antique (plastic) oval and oblong frames in our entrance for some years, but when we repainted there were mutterings about holes in the walls so we have one painting in that place now. Your arrangement is splendid!

  5. How wonderful!
    The one on the bottom row of you and Bob is lovely.

  6. Yes - I love picture walls - we have exactly the same thing in our hall. Bit less well done than yours though- Lesley (new computer - can't quite get the hang of it. Not sure if it is going to pick up who I am)

    1. Yes, my computer knew who you were! My PC hasn't settled well to moving house...odd things seem to have changed. Ah well, not sure I'd have managed the pandemic without the technology to keep me connected, so mustn't moan too much.


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