Saturday 8 May 2021

Come Buy!

grass cut √ [thank you Bob]

signs prepared √

items priced up √

tables ready 

charity tin on freebie table √

sanitising station organised 

bags sorted √

cash float in tin √

The organisers contacted all the sellers a couple of days ago, as the weather forecast is Not Good. How did people feel about having it on Sunday instead?  Quite a few people pointed out there is a cycling event through the village on Sunday- and it might not be good to have cars parked along the main street, or pedestrians wandering unthinkingly into the road. So it is staying as a Saturday Event. 

Now all we need is reasonable weather, and a good number of punters.

Update: 7:45am rain incessant. Bob currently trying to locate his large tarp and create an awning. 


  1. Oh, no! Not rain on your yard sale day! Hope the rain will stop!

  2. Praying you have a good sale despite the rain!

  3. Why does it always manage to rain on the ONE day you need it not to! Good luck - you are very organized!

  4. Sorry about the rain!! Hope it stopped raining.

  5. NO- sadly, the rain continued ALL DAY!!!

  6. Oh no... It rained all day here too. I do hope you still got intrepid punters

  7. It's just typical that it rained on the one day you needed it dry. We were sad it rained on the day we wanted to do things together. I won't deny that the garden needed the rain though!


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