Sunday, 30 May 2021

Seven Weeks!

Is it really that long since we left Ferndown? Cornerstones is slowly getting straight, and today we will actually go in person to the morning service at the chapel. We haven't done that for months. We already have such strong links with the people there, and the Pastor, Nick, came round and sat in the back garden for coffee and a chat with Bob. I do feel settled here, relaxed and happy.

But in the few weeks since we left Dorset, we have had so many messages about friends from the church going into hospital, there have been three bereavements, and a lot of sadness. It's hard not being able to be there to comfort friends, to give a hug, to pray with them [although we can pray for them, wherever we/they are] But I know that in God's time, these things shall pass...

Last Monday there was a heavy rainstorm, but the sun was still shining - I went to the front door, and could see this complete rainbow arching across the sky

Oh joy, that seekest me through pain
I cannot close my heart to thee
I trace the rainbow through the rain
And feel the promise is not vain, 
That morn shall tearless be.


  1. Seven weeks, already? Wow! Time sure passes quickly, doesn't it? But, it sounds like you are settling into your new home and retired life very nicely. You are right; we can pray for others no matter where we/they are. Rainbows are so special!

  2. Is it seven weeks already since you moved! We have started on the way to sell our house and buy an apartment. We are working on getting rid of things, many trips to the landfill, and many trips to the charity shop. We don't have set any time for when to start the selling/buying process. We're just in the start of the process of getting ready.

  3. Sorry to hear of all the sad news from your brothers and sisters in the church in Ferndown. It must be hard for you, but your prayers will not be in vain.
    Rainbows are amazing and even colours from sunlight shining through a prism at the window are a joy. Light is more than what we normally see but the glorious colours are still there. I think Bob might find a sermon in that!


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