Saturday 1 May 2021

The Gasman Cometh


A great Lego animation of the old song by Flanders and Swann. There is no gas supply to Swanton Morley, but we have had our fair share of visits from the working men** of Norfolk in the past week.

The Amazon guy - thanks to the generous parting gift from friends at UCF, Bob has at last been able to purchase the Makita power tools he has been dreaming of for years. But of course, we had to stay in for the delivery.

The Electrician - the previous owners of this property did not think through some of the alterations they made. And having the consumer unit inside the back of an inaccessible corner cupboard in the kitchen is downright stupid. It has been OK until now, but that is where I want to store my baking tins - and I cannot empty the cupboard every time we need access! Plus we will need to run a power supply to the new garage [being forward looking, Bob wants to have cabling for an EV charging point fitted at the time of construction] Paul has been to inspect and will be sending us a quote.

The Boilerman - our previous chap retired last year, but we have found someone else to fix the faulty bearings and service the boiler. Gavin came early one morning and worked very efficiently to sort the problem. 

The Binmen - I misread the chart and I put the garden bin out on the wrong day. But they did take all the recycling, including some scrap cardboard which I had left beside the very full bin. [The majority of local authorities in the UK use wheelie bins made in Telford - but these appear to come from Basingstoke]

The Postman - the redirection service is working well. We continue to receive beautiful Welcome to your new home/Happy Retirement/Thankyou/Good Luck for the future cards

**yes they have all been men, thus far

Other working people seen regularly in the Close include

The Pharmacy Delivery Service [he's a very friendly chap, who drops off meds to most of my neighbours- but we are walking round to collect ours in person for as long as we are able to do so]

The Dog Walkers - who take out canines for neighbours who're unable to walk their own anymore [more women than men doing this, I notice]

The Fresh Fish Man. I'm not sure how often he visits, or what his prices are like - but I think I should investigate this one...

The Carers - most of these are female, and we have a number of people in the close needing support at the moment. These carers all seem friendly, resolutely cheerful, and very efficient. I hope they will not be needed at Cornerstones for a few years yet!


  1. It's amazing how many visitors it takes to get properly settled in!


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