Saturday, 15 May 2021

Is Norfolk Full Of Chocolate Cake?

Liz sent me a 'flourless cake recipe' recently which I tried out- and was planning to post about it. Then DC over at Frugal In Norfolk just posted another, very similar one! The one from Liz is Nigella's Olive-Oil-Cake.[recipe HERE] - it's designed to be gluten and dairy free- and if you use 100g erythritol sweetener instead of sugar, it is suitable for diabetics too. [I used sugar]

I'd mentioned to Bob last week that we had a surfeit of ground almonds- I'd bought some for the cupboard here [intending to use them over Christmas] and then bought more in Dorset, which moved up here last month. This recipe seemed an ideal way to use up the older almonds [and feed us Older Almonds too!] It is cooked in a springform tin.

It was deliciously moist and squidgy - Nigella suggests serving it warm with soft fruits and a dollop of cream or ice cream as a dinner party dessert. She says it serves 8-12 slices. 

When it has cooled a little I dusted it with icing sugar, cut it into 10 and froze some of it, to make it last! Thus far we have enjoyed it with strawberries, plain yogurt, and vanilla ice cream - and we have 4 portions left in the freezer. Thank you Liz [and Nigella]

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  1. Yum! Looks delicious! My neighbor's daughter made an olive oil chocolate cake and shared a piece with me, some time ago. I don't know if it is similar to what you made or not, but, it was very good.


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