Friday, 28 May 2021

Clutching at Straws

In the times BC [before covid] I used to provide an alcohol-free cocktail bar, at parties, youth events and church functions, where people wanted something interesting to drink without booze.

It proved surprisingly popular, and over time I amassed drinks dispensers, 100 wine glasses, and bought umbrellas, cocktail sticks and coloured straws in bulk. But times have changed. Early last year I sold all the glasses on FB marketplace. To a local chap about to open a restaurant - I wonder how that turned out for him?

But all those straws - what to do with them? I stopped using them a while back [a bad example to set people] but could not bring myself to throw them straight in the bin. 

So I packed them in a moving box - then the week after week moved, wonderful Kezzie blogged about her "eco-moves"  And she provided the solution. Lorelai in Yorkshire recycles them into colourful jewellery - and would like people to send her any unwanted straws.

Pru Leith and Esme [Sewing Bee] would like these I think. So I emailed Lorelai and sent a photo of my collection. There were at least a couple of hundred, ranging from thick 'smoothie' straws through 'bendy' ones, to ultra slim shorter blue 'school milk' ones 

She said 'yes please' so then I spent a crazy hour threading the thin into the thick into the thickest, so they would take up less space in a parcel. I finally compacted them into an old cardboard envelope folder.

They've gone off to Lorelai now - I'm so pleased to have found a positive use. I had the most interesting discussion with the lady in the village post office too. Then I came and found one solitary straw which I must have dropped, underneath the dining table. That one has had to go into the bin. It was the last straw...


  1. Could you not have made an 'interesting' bit of jewellery with the last one??

    1. I should have done something 'crafty' with it, but for once, I didn't bother.

  2. ... Hyggelig. Fint å lese. Det var en fantastisk tilfeldighet. Du gjorde det fantastisk.
    Nå er jeg nysgjerrig på om du vil kjøpe et av disse ganske fargerike halskjeder ... det ville være flott.

  3. Oh, I like the idea of turning unused plastic straws into jewelry! Ha, ha, the last straw, indeed! :D

  4. I think she'll be really pleased with this colourful selection! She recently made a lot of good use of the white ones from the excess milk cartons I saved her from school. They made a background for rainbow pieces and looked like a rainbow Terrazo patio. Don't forget that you can claim your postage back from her if you want to.x

    1. Thanks Kezzie for directing me to her site.


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