Monday 17 May 2021

Shine A Light On NF

Today is Neurofibromatosis Awareness Day - a worldwide event to inform more people about this dreadful condition. Longtime readers will have seen my posts about my friend Emily Owen - who suffers with NF2,[here, here, here] I have to admit I don't know anyone else with NF. But I was interested on Saturday to listen to an interview with Welsh actor Rakia Ayola [Dr Who, EastEnders and Holby City- and she's the Investigating Officer in the new series The Pact]

Rakie spoke of her daughter, who has NF1, and mentioned the importance of today. Together with the Child Tumor Foundation in the US, the charity Nerve Tumours UK, is encouraging people to illuminate buildings and landmarks in blue and green tonight to raise awareness. Rakie asked anyone listening to the interview who used social media to give a 'shout out' for NF Awareness today. Rakie, Emily and co - this is for you!

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