Thursday, 9 December 2021

But It Might Be Useful Sometime...

All the minimalists tell us not to say that. They say "If you do not have a use for it now, get rid of it now" I am no good at this. Despite the massive amount of culling before we moved, w e still had some rather random bits and pieces in the old garage, the loft and the summerhouse

  • IKEA 'Not' uplighters. not the shades- the plastic disintegrated years ago - but we had the bases and the poles.
  • Pillows- I sorted out all the decent ones for the beds here - but kept all the saggy ones
  • Broom handles - not whole ones, you understand, but the bundle of 15" lengths left over from when Bob bought a pack last year to make George's Pikler triangle climbing frame.
  • A pop up gazebo which had stopped popping up. The frame in the roof section had bent out of shape, its joints had worn out. We kept the legs, and the fabric. The walls have gone to make a garden bench cover, record deck covers, a microphone storage case, a rotary dryer and more. We only have the roof and legs left now [the roof made a dinosaur cave for Rosie last summer - then went back into the summerhouse]
  • A load of old fabrics previously used for Nativity costumes
  • And the bottom half of a 1960s high chair [given to us in 1981 when I was expecting Liz - no idea where the chair part went, but we still have the stool/table lower section]
And despite people telling me to get rid of these random things, some dating back over 30 years, I have managed to find a crafty use for them this past week.
You will just have to wait to find out what it is...


  1. You are almost as bad as me when it comes to keeping bits and pieces! I am looking forward to seeing what you made with your kept items! :)

  2. My Mum still uses the bottom part of my highchair as a little side table It could convert to a table and chair once you didn't need it as a highchair, and with it's splayed out legs it is nice and sturdy for us to stand on if we have to do something just out of reach in Mum's bungalow.

    They made things to last in those days didn't they, I don't know where the chair part went to either, perhaps one of the scout jumble sales that my Dad used to help run many years ago.

    1. I the chair parts of yours [and mine] must have gone somewhere...

  3. Good for you finding uses for things that might just come in useful! Creativity needs "stuff". I have things kept for future possibilities, can't help it. I kept the tops of old leather boots and have since cut pieces to repair the soles of soft slippers that were wearing through. A bit of button thread and an episode on Britbox works for one slipper! Even better, when I finally trash those slippers, I can remove the leather for future use.

  4. I like the line "Creativity needs Stuff"

  5. I call my husband 'Steptoe' as he has all sorts of old stuff in the garage, and al5hough I hate to admit it, most of it has been useful at one time or another.
    When waterproof jackets, cagoules etc lose their 'waterproofness', I throw them out, but not until all the buttons/cords etc have been removed. You wouldn't believe how many uses I can find for stretchy cord!
    Bedding is often packed up with ribbon around it, which immediately gets popped into my ribbon stash, elastic bands are in a kitchen drawer, along with any other 'small but may be useful' things.
    Nothing is ever chucked out until all possible uses have been considered! X

    1. I've made lots of bags to hold PA gear for Bob, and fastened them with anorak cords and toggles


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