Monday, 13 December 2021

Work, Rest, Play

About twenty years ago, my cousin Gillian gave Steph a denim jacket- it was her 'music festival jacket' - which she'd worn to countless concerts in her teens and twenties. Steph wore it- but she too grew out of it, and it was relegated to my spare wardrobe. Last month, I helped Julian sort his Mum's wardrobe, and I brought back a short kimono style satin dressing gown, a white summer top, and a red polycotton Wilko Shirt [they don't wear that style anymore]

Wilko shirt - work, kimono- rest, jacket and top - play.

I've made a Memory Bear as a surprise Christmas gift for Auntie Peggy. As usual I have put a little tag inside the backpack. I'm sure she will be happy with the bear. [It was a bit of a struggle to incorporate the Wilko logo, but I think it works ok]


  1. That's beautiful. Peggy will love it!! I think the Wilko logo works really well.

    I still wear a white and blue checked shirt which belonged to my nan even though she died 25 years ago. The only wearable item I have left from Grandad is his school boater (which I wore as Yaz last week) which, to my consternation, discovered CBC wore for lip sync battle at school last week and chucked into the audience of kids as the thread has broken at the end. "I just thought it was one of your many hat's," he said, when questioned. Didn't seem to realise that whether it was a 90year old sentimental hat or a 1 year old Primark hat, I probably wouldn't want him chucking it into an audience of teenagers.

  2. That is gorgeous, what a lovely thought and having the memorial words inside the backpack is just perfect.

    1. It is also a good place to put a tiny keepsake

  3. A lovely tribute and gift!

  4. What a beautiful, thoughtful gift. Such talent to create such a cheerful and heartwarming memorial!

  5. That is such a lovely gift for your aunt, Angela!


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