Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Book at Bedtime

Just been tagged by Left-Handed Housewife with a very bizarre meme.

The rules:
Grab the book nearest you, turn to page 56 and go to the fifth sentence, typing that sentence and a few others around it.

Well, the nearest book to me is knickersthis one - it is the journal of my 2006 holiday in France, which I self-published on Lulu as a gift for Bob.

This book is nearest because I have just finished sorting out the journal from this year's trip to Ireland. Only I've used Blurb this time round because it was cheaper. This year's is entitled "Grace and a broken bra strap" [see sidebar for more details]

I ought to explain the titles- the first one referred to the minimal amount of personal luggage allowed when riding pillion and taking a tent on the motorbike. The second title alludes to the SatNav system and the piece of rubber which holds it in place. I think Bob is worried that the titles are getting more and more risque, and I might be up for a Bad Sex Writing Award soon!!

To prove the books are suitable for all ages, here is the required passage from page 56.

We passed through a number of villages, all seemed very sleepy, and all the shops were closed. It was Sunday morning - we heard church bells summoning the faithful to Mass. Sunday morning is when I always get most homesick - remembering that if I was home, I'd be enjoying worship with all my friends. Wondered how Steph was getting on with her Sunday School class. Then remembered she was an hour behind us, so would probably be still on the bus on her way to church!

There is absolutely no likelihood of this book winning any awards - as far as I know, there are only five copies in print - and it really is of very little interest to anyone else!!

I have to tag some people now, so I tag Julie, Beverley, and Monica.

All of whom are bound to be reading much more spiritual, deeply erudite books judging by their blogs. I look forward to seeing what they are reading.


  1. Love this post! And your book titles...very creative and cute. How neat to publish your journals. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I think "Grace and a Broken Bra strap" is a good title. And, y'know, I understood that you were referring to God's grace and not a strange bra-less girl. I must be one of nature's innocents...didn't "Birdsong" get a bad sex award?...I thought that was pretty good stuff...perhaps I'm not so innocent after all!!

  3. Hello Angela!

    I see I have been tagged, and a fun one too! Look for this meme in a few post!:o) I hope to do some writing and self publish, you have greatly inspired me! Congrats on your writing, and I love the titles too!:o)



  4. Susan - thanks for all your recent comments!
    Dulce - I confess I still havent read Birdsong, although I do enjoy listening to Seb Faulkes on The Write Stuff on Radio 4.
    Beverly - do check out Blurb, it is remarkably easy to use!

  5. Wonderful quote--you're a marvelous writer and a master of titles! I'm not sure which I prefer, "Grace and a Broken Bra Strap" or "Three Pairs of Knickers and a Tin of Soup." Both are fabulous!



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