Thursday, 18 December 2008

An evening down the pub!










Here we are in the village pub- The Royal Oak -sharing in BBC Radio Leicester's "Sing Christmas" - which they claim is the largest interactive carol service in England. Interestingly, all the carols were 'trad' - none of the newer ones.

Mike and Jon, our sound engineers were there in good time setting up all the gear.




They did a brilliant job - very professional.


Mark and Sarah at the pub prepared the room for us and provided lovely hot mince pies.






The rain came down quite heavily just before we were due to start, and that kept the numbers down - but we had about 85 folk in total and raised £96 for the local children's hospice.IM003078IM003076

IM003080  There were lots of activities - greet each other, eat a mince pie, raise a toast, in between the carols - and at one point we all signed a huge Christmas card [A3 size]

Here's Tom the Rector - who was our compere - after the event, sharing a pint with Ken from our church.  Putting that picture in especially for my friend Elizabeth in India [Ken's Daughter] because I know she reads the blog to keep up with news of the church and the village!


I am exhausted now - but very grateful that the demise of tomorrow's Panto means we actually have a free day with no fixed commitments. Time to rest and recuperate. It's sad about Heroes - but I am truly grateful for this unexpected day of rest!


  1. We enjoyed it too. On 20 people in our service - but as I'd only got 21 mugs (from home!) to make tea in maybe God was providing accordingly? Not sure how much we raised from Rainbows - probably about £40 to £50 - but we signed 7 small cards which I will post off tomorrow.

    As we'd ordered a buffet for 40, everyone was sent home with a doggy bag AND we sent a big tray of sandwiches into the bar proper for the folk in there to enjoy.

    Now, rest well, take care of that "sick vic" and enjoy a lighter day tomorrow

  2. Taking it Very Easy today. Hope you have a good weekend too in Dibley x

  3. Looks like it was fun! Carol service in the pub, beer and lovely carols - could life get any better, lol? I might suggest it to our Pastor. :)

  4. Not sure if you can get BBC Radio Leicester up where you are - but they did say last night that a group of people in France [Dordogne] were sharing in the event by way of the internet!

  5. Thanks for the photo Ang! I've been away so only just seen, 3 weeks later. Glad it went well.


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