Thursday, 17 June 2010


Early morning working at my PC, listening to Chris Evans…

chris evans

…who was interviewing The Fonz, aka Henry Winkler…


…and he played the theme tune from Happy Days…

..which reminded me of the wedding of Alice Thompson [our former church youth worker] back in 2004…

alice wedding

…because that was the tune she chose to walk down the aisle with her new husband Steve Price …

steve price

…who is coming to KMFC tonight, to perform his act [click here] at our Kidzone BBQ…

I loved watching Happy Days – I even have the official LP somewhere. Mind you, HW has aged a little since the 70s…

 fonz 2

…but my fondness for blokes on motorbikes remains.

The sun is shining, the sky is brilliant blue and I have a thousand things to do before the BBQ. Must dash!


  1. I used to love Happy Days!

  2. I loved Happy Days, too. I remember thinking, "I could watch this show forever!" I hope the BBQ is a happy day!

  3. Happy Days was an important part of my childhood. The Fonz was my first rebel. He writes children's books now--a major accomplishment, he says, because he had serious reading problems as a child (dyselexia? I think maybe). I'm always touched when I hear him talk about it.

    Hope you're having a good summer so far!


  4. I hope you had a good evening. We recently took the Happy Days track to a house group meeting where we were to share a piece of music that meant something to us.

  5. Alice - we had a lovely evening - your husband is a great entertainer, and knows how to get his message across!!


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