Thursday 10 June 2010

Under The Fig Tree


The fig tree has lots of small hard figlets – but soon they will be ripe and ready to eat. But I was able to enjoy figs this morning at our church Coffee Drop In, because Stella had bought a pack of fig rolls. I adore fig rolls. When we were engaged, we used to attend a Monday Night Bible Study Group in St Albans, and Bob maintained I only went because Mrs Barber always served fig rolls with the tea!

In the States, they have Fig Newtons

fig newtons

Dear friends, these are not the same as our traditional British biscuits. The outside is are much more sponge-like in character. In Britain, they are made by Burtons Biscuits – who produce them for all the major supermarkets. The enthusiastic people at Nice Cup Of Tea And A Sit Down [yes that is a website, devoted to biscuits!] have a whole page analysing the content of fig rolls. I am happy to report that Sainsbury’s have a higher fig content than others!

In Ireland, fig rolls are made by Jacobs – and the JacobFruitfield website has some wonderful vintage ads. Do watch them – they are only half a minute long!

Figs are fabulous!!


  1. I love Fig Newtons. Now, since the Jacobs is better, I will have to get my hubby to pick some up next trip to the UK! :-)


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