Saturday 12 June 2010

Well Done Kathryn!

green lane infants

Really excited this morning to find that in the Queen’s Birthday Honours there is an OBE for my good friend, Kathryn.

Kathryn Broadhurst has been headteacher at Green Lane Infant School, in inner-city Leicester, for 29 years - she retires this summer. In her multicultural school, where over 17 languages are spoken, Kathryn has displayed a real determination to promote inclusivity and overcome language barriers. The school has won many awards and consistently received stunning Ofsted results under her leadership. Staff, pupils and parents all love and respect Kathryn, and know how important her Christian faith is to her. Kathryn is a member of our church in Kirby Muxloe and we are all very proud of her and what she has achieved. She’ll probably just smile and tell us she has just got on with the job God has given her.

[the picture shows some of her pupils admiring the wall mosaic at the school]


  1. What a fantastic school! How wonderful!

  2. Congratulations Katherine! I'm not sure if she reads this but it is great news. I can still remember some of the stories Katherine told of life at her school, she is amazing.

  3. Quite an accomplishment---she sounds like an amazing persona and teacher, one from whom I' sure I could learn a lot.
    Again, I'm not sure what Ofstad is, but I would imagine it's much like our individual state tests that our students have to pass and on which each school in that state is "judged."

  4. B - Ofsted is "The Office For Standards In Education" Every British school is visited regularly by their Inspection teams who check that everything is running smoothly - teaching, management, results etc.
    Ofsted Inspections put an incredible amount of stress on everyone, and are not always 100% accurate.
    I did once work with a Catholic Headteacher, who told me the acronym stood for "O Father Send Them Eternal Damnation"
    Our tests for students are called SATs


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