Thursday 24 June 2010

On Being A Good Sport


I am no good at sport. Given the choice, I would teach almost any other lesson than PE. So my worst nightmare has happened- tomorrow is World Cup Day at school, and I am spending the entire day with various classes doing sporting things up on the field!

We have to dress in ‘sports kit’ – and I don’t have anything*. My good friend Zara [Special Olympics Gold Medallist] has kindly called round with some cricket gear. I just have shortened the trousers and tried on the outfit.

They talk about “the slimming power of black clothes” – well white obviously has the opposite effect!

I am hoping that some of the Jurenko Sporting Skill will rub off as I wear these clothes, and tomorrow won’t be as bad as I fear.

*I mentioned my dilemma to a pupil at my other school yesterday, and he said “Can’t you go in your biking leathers, Miss?” but we decided I might collapse from heat exhaustion after ten minutes in the sun.


  1. It's Sports Day at our girls' school tomorrow. My youngest gets very competitive at what is a very carefully 'uncompetitive' Sports Day, lol.

    Have fun at World Cup Day. You look like a very sporty cricket fan! You just need some corks on your hat and you could be Australian! :) LOL at the biking leathers.

  2. Well, I survived - but it was SO hot. I drank all the bottles of water I had with me. At 2pm, one child said "Miss, your face is ever so red, are you alright??"
    Fortunately the Football Activities went really well. Maybe I can teach PE after all.


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