Friday, 25 June 2010

Monsoon Season

Monsoon sent me an email about children’s clothes for summer weddings [not altogether sure how I qualified for that bit of Spam…]

Here are some of the things they have to offer




Yes, you read that right – it is £89 for that little outfit, for a baby in the 0-3 years age group. Exactly how many weddings is that child going to attend before she grows out of the ensemble? What kind of profligate madness is this? And if you spend the best part of £100 on her outfit at one year, what will it cost to kit her out at eleven or twenty one??

I suppose there is the possibility that you have to dress her up beautifully because she is attending her mother’s wedding, but even so…

I thank the Lord for my thrifty daughters – who still manage to look stunning without splashing out on ‘designer’ wear!!


  1. What some people will spend on a child's clothes is obscene! But it is only to reflect on their own egos (is that how the plural of ego is spelled???)

    I used to make nearly all my daughter's clothes - or buy from jumble sales. We lived in a wealthy area and there were some wonderful buys for 10p!! :)

  2. When you think how little it would cost to make that simple dress....!

  3. I bought the boys christening outfits from Monsoon in the SALE and even then they blew the budget!

  4. Ahhhhh. Being frugal is a wonderful gift :)

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  5. Oh my, I LOVE Monsoon stuff, but can't afford it, ever :( Even the second hand stuff on ebay is overpriced ££££. I bought some flip-flops and skipping ropes, for the girls, from Monsoon in the sale though :) Their clothes for children are so pretty compared to the often inappropriate 'mini-adult' clothing many children's shops sell - but still too expensive.

  6. If all women were like us, Monsoon would go out of business!!


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