Tuesday 8 June 2010

Wrong Number!

dr finlay I am sitting here, working at the computer on Holiday Club stuff, listening to Doctor Finlay's Casebook on BBC7. Totally immersed in the broad Scottish accents. [Will ye have a cup of tea, Dr Cameron? No thank you Janet...]





And then the phone rang - when I answered, another Scottish voice said "Can I speak to Marie Goldberg, please?"

"Sorry, I think you have a wrong number" I replied and she thanked me and I hung up.



"Do you know anyone called Marie Goldberg?" I called out to Bob "Marigold who?" he replied.

marigolds And now I am wondering. Who did she ask for?

Marie Goldberg, or Marigold Burg?

I don't know anyone of either name. Do people still call their daughters "Marigold" ?

I have certainly never taught a child with that name. And although the flowers are bright and colourful...

...I am afraid that my first thought when I hear "Marigolds" is...



I do hope my Scottish caller got through to the right person in the end.

Whatever her name was!

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